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      • 地址:沈陽市于洪區洪匯路206號
      • 電話:15840543048
      • 固話:024-25354582
      • 郵箱:tdmy118@163.com

      Mianyang Shuanghui food Co., Ltd

      文章出處:和帆環境 ?? 瀏覽: ?? 發布日期:2020-12-25

      Mianyang Shuanghui food Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Shuanghui group, China's largest meat processing enterprise and state key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It is the largest joint processing base for pig slaughtering and meat products in Southwest China.
      Shuanghui learned and inquired about the case of Hefan environment in the waste gas treatment industry through multiple channels, and after three negotiations. Finally, we signed a 60000 m3 / h VOCs waste gas treatment project contract with Hefan environment. After the contract was signed, our designers went to Mianyang for field investigation, survey and mapping. Finally, the equipment position and the pipeline direction of the workshop are determined by the company and Shuanghui. We completed all the engineering tasks in 15 days.
      Through the third-party authoritative testing institutions. The treatment standards of VOCs waste gas treatment equipment, non methane total hydrocarbon fully meet the national standards.

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