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      • 地址:沈陽市于洪區洪匯路206號
      • 電話:15840543048
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      Hanwei Group Dalian clulida Egg Industry Co., Ltd

      文章出處:和帆環境 ?? 瀏覽: ?? 發布日期:2020-12-25

      Hanwei group was founded in 1982, starting from the development of large-scale layer breeding industry. In August 1992, Hanwei group was formally established. Hanwei group has developed into a comprehensive enterprise group integrating animal husbandry, breeding, breeding and deep processing of marine treasures, R &amp; D of marine bioactive substances and marine health food production, and processing and R &amp; D of egg products. The group now has a modern layer breeding enterprise with the largest scale of laying hens in China.
      The waste gas produced by chicken factory will affect the living environment of the surrounding residents. Through the network, we found Hefan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. to control the waste gas of chicken house and factory. We send the director of design department to stay in the factory for a week. Through understanding the waste gas producing points in chicken house and factory, the accurate construction drawing is drawn. Explain the whole process of waste gas treatment to Mr. Han Wei, chairman of the company. We have designed 70000 m3 / h waste gas treatment equipment. Through UV photo oxygen treatment equipment and two alkali washing tower, two cyclone tower and other waste gas treatment tools. The treatment of waste gas from chicken house and factory has reached the national emission standard.

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