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      Dust removal equipment exported to Germany

      Origin:Hefan    Hit:    Time:2020-05-18

      Today, with economic globalization, the most direct expression of our integration into the world economy is that one day you find that most of the large and small shopping malls abroad are labeled "made in China", and the world economy is becoming more and more China cannot be opened because China is constantly supplying goods made in China.
             Yesterday, the dust removal equipment independently developed and produced by our company successfully achieved the second export to Germany, which proved that our dust removal equipment has excellent treatment effect. The strong competitiveness in the international market will further expand the European market.
             It took 20 working days for Hefan Environment to receive orders from German customers and leave the factory. Complete all dust removal equipment from design to manufacturing. The completion of all orders within 20 working days also surprised German customers. The dust removal equipment of Hefan Environment has already gone abroad to the world. Serve the world.
             Hefan people proposed to vigorously promote the craftsmanship spirit, plant craftsmanship culture, abide by professional ethics, adore Jingtian lover, keep improving, perfect the incentive mechanism, cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen", build more world-renowned "Chinese brands" China's economic development has entered an era of quality. Hefan people need to improve the quality of the supply of "intelligent manufacturing in China", so as to form a new advantage in technology, brand, quality and service with "intelligent manufacturing in China" as the carrier.

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