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      • Wet grinding table

        Class:Dust treatment equipment




      Product description
      Product description
      Scope of application
      It is suitable for the purification of large particles of dust such as stone, hardware, ceramics, casting, metallurgy, mechanical processing, grinding and polishing of non-ferrous metals.
      ★ This product is simple and reasonable in structure, large in vacuuming area, strong in versatility of parts and components, and easy to maintain.
      ★The operation mode is simple and easy to understand, the parts are selected reasonably, and the service life is long.
      ★ The product has strong vacuuming power, good vacuuming effect and low noise. It can improve the production environment of the workshop to the greatest extent, and protect the health of employees. It also greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.
      ★ This product has the characteristics of small investment and low operating cost, and the product is light in weight, moderate in volume, and has a large degree of freedom in installation.
      Field operation diagram

      Performance parameter
      Model number Specifications Power Air volume Noise Purification rate Weight Fan form Applicable power supply
      SSDMT-A-3.2 3200*1200*820 4.7 8000 ≤75 ≥95 300 Silent centrifugal fan 220V/60Hz
      SSDMT-A-3.7 3200*1200*820 5.0 13000 ≤75 ≥95 350 Silent centrifugal fan 220V/60Hz

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