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      • Wet dust collector

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      Product description
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      product description
      The wet dust box is mainly used for industrial grinding, such as grinding, polishing, and fluttering dust generated by stone, metal, ceramic, carbon fiber products, glass steel, plastic products, etc., to effectively improve the workshop production environment. The internal structure of this product is the patented product of the company. The power adopts silent fan, which has strong suction, low noise (≤ 75db), low energy consumption and long service life. The filter part adopts PVC filter material, which has high filtration efficiency and is not blocked. No aging, no replacement, reduced maintenance cost, and a water sprinkler device on the surface of the filter material layer to form a water curtain. Under the filtering effect of the filter material and the water curtain, the inhaled dust falls into the sink with the water curtain. In the middle, the purpose of dust removal is achieved.
      Scope of application
      It is suitable for the purification of large particles and fine particles of stone, hardware, ceramics, casting, metallurgy, mechanical processing, non-ferrous metals, glass steel, carbon fiber products, plastic grinding and polishing.
      ★ This equipment is equipped with manual start and automatic start function during work. It has low energy consumption and automatic cleaning function.
      ★Simple operation, strong suction, low noise and long service life.
      ★The equipment has a maintenance window for easy maintenance.
      ★The dust-reducing effect is better than 90%, and the dust pollution is solved from the root cause to protect the health of employees.
      ★ Product spare parts are versatile, convenient for product maintenance and maintenance.

      Performance parameter
      Model number Specifications Total power Air volume Fan model Noise Weight Model representation meaning
      CX-A-1.8 1800*750*2330 4.4 7000-8200 4.5AS ≤75 300 A: Silent fan
      CCX-A-3 3000*750*2330 6.6 14000-16000 4.5AS ≤75 350  
      CCX-A-4 4000*750*2330 8.8 21000-24000 4.5AS ≤75 350  
      CCX-A-5 5000*750*2330 11 28000-32000 4.5AS ≤75 350  
      CCX-B-1.8 1800*750*2330 2.6-3.7 8000-10000   ≤80 350 B:Axial Fan
      CCX-B-3 3000*750*2330 4.1-5.2 16000-20000   ≤80 350  
      CCX-B-4 4000*750*2330 5.6-6.7 24000-30000   ≤80 350  
      CCX-B-5 5000*750*2330 7.1-8.2 32000-40000   ≤80 350  
      CCX-C-3 3000*750*2330 4.1-5.2 16000-20000   ≤80 350 C:Axial fan, curved curtain
      CCX-C-4 4000*750*2330 5.6-6.7 24000-30000   ≤80 350  
      CCX-C-5 5000*750*2330 7.1-8.2 32000-40000   ≤80 350  

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