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      What's a good way to remove odor in

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      1. Activated carbon adsorption
      Activated carbon adsorption method is based on the principle that the internal space structure of activated carbon has a large specific surface area, and the odorous gas molecules are adsorbed through the activated carbon adsorption pool.

      2. Photocatalytic oxidation
      With the advantages of deep oxidation at room temperature, low secondary pollution, low operation cost and the expected use of solar light reaction, combined with the advantages of low cost, good chemical stability and wear resistance, the deep purification of industrial waste gas by photocatalytic oxidation shows great application potential.
      3. Plasma method
      Plasma method is to use high-voltage electrodes to emit ions and electrons to destroy the odor. The principle of bombing the molecular structure is to crack the odor molecules in the exhaust gas. The effect of odor gas purification in low concentration is obvious. It can deal with mixed gases of various odors and is not affected by humidity. However, it has high energy consumption, high operation and maintenance cost, and high concentration of flammable and explosive gases are easy to use Explosion.
      4. Plant spraying liquid deodorization
      Plant deodorant spray liquid method produces odor gas, space spray plant extract odor and neutralization, absorption, to achieve deodorizing purposes. Choosing different spray liquid with different odor usually needs adding plant spray liquid and equipment maintenance, which is easy to cause secondary pollution.
      5. Low temperature plasma decomposition method
      Plasma decomposition method is to use the flow rate of circulating water to put odor gas pollutants in the water, and then the low-temperature plasma cultivated on the water bed can degrade the water pollutants into less harmful substances.

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